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A "Call for Proposal" (or "CFP") is an open invitation for speakers to apply to a conference. Not sure what to expect? Check out our comprehensive guide to speaking at conferences.

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Guides for Technology Conference Speakers

While running CFP Land I’ve had the opportunity to meet with and learn from dozens of speakers around the world. The community has been amazingly welcoming and helpful, so I wanted to give some of this knowledge back by releasing a comprehensive guide to speaking at technology conferences.

Because everyone reading this will start at a different level of speaking experience, you can either jump straight to the section you find most relevant using the Table of Contents below or read all the sections sequentially by looking for the “Next” link at the bottom of each page.

Latest Blog Posts

I really enjoy getting to meet speakers all over the world. There’s something unifying about knowing that technologists from every corner of the globe can meet together to offer their tips and thoughts to others, and Vincenzo mentioned a similar appreciation in his interview here. As a speaker, he’s gotten to travel across the world to give talks on a variety of topics. Vincenzo’s approach to coming up with new talk ideas is also really interesting.

As I’ve been getting into speaking, I’ve been keeping an eye out for interesting podcasts on the topic, and Tanay’s was one of the many good ones I found. Every episode, he interviews someone working in Developer Relations or who speaks or organizes conferences to learn from them and help pass on their knowledge. It’s a lot like the interviews I do here on CFP Land!

So, I’m very excited to bring you Tanay’s speaker story today. His experience moving from casual speaker, to professional Developer Advocate is a great example of how speaking at tech conferences can truly change the course of your career. He was also kind enough to include a link to his first conference talk ever so you can see how far he’s come.

If you’re not happy and fulfilled in your work, you should try to change it, and that’s exactly how Nicolas Fränkel started his career as a Developer Advocate. While many tech conference speakers do it for their own personal development, some are specifically hired to speak, travel, and be a face for the community. That’s what Nicolas does now, but like all speakers, it’s taken a journey to get there. In today’s Speaker Story, we hear how Nicolas got started as well as some of his tips for new conference speakers.