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A "Call for Proposal" (or "CFP") is an open invitation for speakers to apply to a conference. Not sure what to expect? Check out our comprehensive guide to speaking at conferences.

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Guides for Technology Conference Speakers

While running CFP Land I’ve had the opportunity to meet with and learn from dozens of speakers around the world. The community has been amazingly welcoming and helpful, so I wanted to give some of this knowledge back by releasing a comprehensive guide to speaking at technology conferences.

Because everyone reading this will start at a different level of speaking experience, you can either jump straight to the section you find most relevant using the Table of Contents below or read all the sections sequentially by looking for the “Next” link at the bottom of each page.

Latest Blog Posts

GOTO Chicago 2020 is coming up in just a few weeks, so I’m featuring some of the wonderful lineup of speakers that I’ll hopefully get to meet in person. Today, I’m happy to bring you Avdi Grimm, a Ruby developer and professional paired programmer who will be giving a talk on programming and philosophy (I love these kind of talks).

In this interview, Avdi shares some of his thoughts on how code is used as a model for life and the benefits he’s seen from 10 years of public speaking.

In preparation for GOTO Chicago 2020, I am talking to some of the conference’s speakers about how they got into speaking and what their advice is for new speakers. This week, I’m featuring my interview with Denise Yu, a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub who has found speaking to be a great springboard for her career in tech.

Like many speakers I’ve talked to over the past year, Denise comes from a nontraditional background, and is deeply passionate about helping other speakers get their starts. She also included some great recommendations for other speakers to watch, so be sure to look for that section towards the end.

This year, I’ll be attending GOTO Chicago, so leading up to the event, I wanted to highlight some of the speakers who will be presenting. I was really excited to hear from Bruce Lawson because HTML is such a core piece of technology for the web, but so many of us take it for granted. As a member of the W3C’s HTML5.3 specification team and writer on the topic, I knew Bruce would make for an interesting speaker to feature here.

Read on to hear about Bruce’s wide-ranging experience from music to acting to accessibility, and some of his tips for new speakers.