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Itai Yaffe has seen a lot of changes in technology in his career. His first experience public speaking was talking about mainframes with a group of soldiers, and now he speaks regularly about cutting edge technology used in big data applications. Itai is in a great spot to speak on these topics too - his employer Nielsen has some truly large-scale data needs, which I imagine make for some interesting engineering problems.

That said, the parts about speaking he enjoys most are the conversations and opportunities to learn from others. Read on to hear more about how Itai got into speaking and some of his tips for people considering giving their first talk.

I first saw Anjuan speak at The Lead Dev in Austin, TX. I really love when technology speakers draw parallels to events and characters outside of our industry, so his talk on leadership lessons learned through the underground railroad was right up my alley. Anjuan is a prolific and talented speaker who’s spoken at over 50 conferences across the world, so I’m very excited to bring his story to you here today. In this interview, Anjuan outlines some of the topics he’s passionate about and lessons he’s learned on his speaker’s journey.

Technology conference speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds, experience levels, and interests. At CFP Land, we highlight different speakers every week in our Speaker’s Story blog posts.

As companies recognize the need for accessible software on the web, conference speakers like Adrián are finding more opportunities to spread the word. After speaking at local several meetups, Adrián started applying to conferences and has now been a speaker at 4 international gatherings. One of my favorite parts about speaking is the same as Adrián’s: meeting people from around the world.