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Upcoming Conference CFPs

A "Call for Proposal" (or "CFP") is an open invitation for speakers to apply to a conference. Not sure what to expect? Check out our comprehensive guide to speaking at conferences.

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Guides for Technology Conference Speakers

While running CFP Land I’ve had the opportunity to meet with and learn from dozens of speakers around the world. The community has been amazingly welcoming and helpful, so I wanted to give some of this knowledge back by releasing a comprehensive guide to speaking at technology conferences.

Because everyone reading this will start at a different level of speaking experience, you can either jump straight to the section you find most relevant using the Table of Contents below or read all the sections sequentially by looking for the “Next” link at the bottom of each page.

Latest Blog Posts

GOTO Chicago will be more accessible than ever now that it’s all online, so I’m excited to bring you a speaker story from one of the many great speakers scheduled for the event. Kirk Pepperdine sold the company he founded to Microsoft, and now helps build the Java experience for Azure.

Kirk has spoken at countless conferences (as evidenced by his trove of event badges), and is currently talking about performance tuning for Java. In his interview below, he talks about his current work, how he has built up a workshop over years, and what he’s learned about what people expect out of conference speakers. Read on for more of Kirk’s story.

A CFP Land Covid 19 Update

UpdatesCovid 19Service Interruptions

With the global Covid 19 pandemic forcing the cancellation of thousands of conferences, meetups, and tradeshows across the world, you have probably already changed your plans because of the virus. I wanted to offer a little update on how I’m handling things with CFP Land, and what the current recommendations are for people like us who speak at conferences.

I recently mentioned on a podcast that Twilio was my favorite Developer Relations team, so when Phil Nash of Twilio mentioned CFP Land in a blog post he wrote, I knew I wanted to get his story up here.

As many conference speakers do, Phil has a passion for teaching people and sharing his knowledge. You see that in his talks as well as his contributions to open source and helpful blog posts. Read on for his perspective on speaking, technology, and the benefits that getting on stage has given his career.