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I launched CFP Land Pro back in 2019. After gathering feedback from hundreds of technology conference speakers, I realized that like me, many of them struggled to find and keep up with which CFPs were available and which ones they had applied to. Additionally, I wanted to find a way to make sure CFP Land was self-sustaining, so CFP Land Pro was born.

If you’re considering a Pro Membership, read on to learn more about everything that’s included. Don’t hesitate to email me if you have questions about how CFP Land can help you be a more successful speaker.

Last week, I added a couple new sources that more than tripled the number of conference CFPs listed on our site. Unfortunately, I made an assumption that any publicly available API would be okay to integrate with, and one of the new sources got a little bothered about my cross-posting their listings. In order to increase transparency, I’m going to show you where I get all the data for this site, and outline my policy on sharing this data.

This week, I released three new features to newsletter subscribers that should improve your experience with CFP Land: Category Preferences, 🔔 New tags, and Perks.

When I started CFP Land last year, it was to help other speakers like me find out about new opportunities. In the past few months the project has struck a chord and hundreds of speakers have followed @cfp_land on Twitter or subscribed to the weekly email.

TL;DR: Back in 2017, I made a personal goal to get accepted to speak at 4 conferences. I made it 🎉 and used the experience to launch CFP Land, a free tool to help conference speakers keep up with CFPs (Calls for Proposals) 📣

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