A CFP Land Covid 19 Update

By Karl Hughes
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With the global Covid 19 pandemic forcing the cancellation of thousands of conferences, meetups, and tradeshows across the world, you have probably already changed your plans because of the virus. I wanted to offer a little update on how I’m handling things with CFP Land, and what the current recommendations are for people like us who speak at conferences.

The CFP Land Newsletter Will Continue Weekly Publication

First, I am fortunate to have a job that can be done remotely, so my day-to-day schedule won’t change too much. I’ll continue preparing and publishing the CFP Land newsletter every week unless I (or someone in my family) gets seriously sick.

Second, I will update any conferences I hear of that cancel their events, but I could use your help with this. I’m not on every event’s mailing list, so if you see a conference on CFP Land that you know is no longer going to happen, please let me know using the “Report an Issue” link on the CFP:

Report issues on CFP Land

As always, I’m also available by email at [email protected].

Consider Preemptively Canceling Any In-Person Events You’re Planning on Attending

Seriously, this thing is global, and probably going to get worse before it gets better. Social distancing is the best way to slow its spread, so I can’t imagine many tech conferences are important enough to go to at the risk of thousands of peoples’ lives.

Global Covid 19 Map

Alternatively, you could offer to give any scheduled talks virtually, or as Phil Nash is doing, you could switch to live-streaming some coding sessions instead.

This Won’t Last Forever

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of fear, but I’m an optimist, so I don’t believe this is the end of society as we know it. In a few weeks or months, we’ll all start returning to normal life, and those of us who attend and speak at conferences will likely be back at it. Many conferences scheduled for the Fall are opening their CFPs now, so you might want to continue applying, even if this summer’s events end up changed.

We also might see a rise in virtual events, which will be pretty cool. While I believe there’s no substitute for actual human contact, virtual events are cheaper, more carbon-friendly, and more accessible to people in developing countries. They provide a lot of benefits, and those of us lucky enough to be in major tech hubs would do well to remember that.

Stay healthy, and thanks for reading!

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