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Save searches to get alerted when new CFPs match your criteria.
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Save your abstracts and keep track of which ones you submitted to each conference.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Why pay for a membership when I can get the newsletter for free? - Paying for a membership is totally optional, but it helps me keep the project going. Plus, members get access to our CFP Tracking and Alerting tool and early access to CFPs.

Can I get my company to pay for it? - Probably! Many members can get their company to pay for it, especially if speaking at conferences is part of their job.

Where do membership fees go? - Primarily they pay for hosting, email sending tools, and my time spent cleaning up the data. I have a full time job so it also helps keep me motivated to improve the project.

What features are you building next? - I have a ton of ideas, but I try to have a phone call with all new members to ask them what they want to see on the platform. Your opinion counts for much more when you're helping fund the project.

Can I get my whole team a CFP Land membership? - Yes! Speaking teams can get a discount on the regular monthly price when they add 3 or more speakers.

How else can I support CFP Land? - Tell a friend, get your company to sponsor a newsletter, or submit a conference I don't know about.

About Me

Me and my dog, Chili

Me and my dog, Chili

My name is Karl, and I started CFP Land to help more conference speakers get on stage. From its humble origins as a simple mailing list, I am now on track to collect and share over 1000 tech conference CFPs with speakers on Twitter, email, and RSS for free. 😁

That said, CFP Land takes a fair bit of time and money to maintain. Members and sponsors help offset this cost, and ensure that CFP Land will be around for many years to come. 🗓

If there's a feature that's missing or that would really set this tool apart, email me 💌. I'm a real person, and I want to build the best product possible for speakers like you.