This week, I released three new features to newsletter subscribers that should improve your experience with CFP Land: Category Preferences, 🔔 New tags, and Perks.

Category Preferences

The most requested feature so far has been the ability for subscribers to choose a preferred category. Each week, the CFP Land newsletter contains more than 30 conferences, so it’s really annoying to sift through all of them looking for the few you really care about. For that reason, each email you get now includes a link to “Update Your Preferences”:

Update your preferences in the weekly email

This will take you to form where you can specify the category of conferences you prefer:

Category preference form

Each week, any CFPs matching your preferred category should show up at the top of your email:

Preferred CFPs

Location preferences aren’t quite ready yet, but they will be coming soon!

“New” Tags

Another way to pick out new CFPs from the weekly email is to focus on any that are new. The list is sorted by CFP end date, so usually new ones will be at the bottom, but occasionally I’ll add a conference CFP just before it closes. In this case, it will show up marked with the ”🔔 New” tag. This means the conference has been added since the last email was sent 7 days ago:

New tag indicates a conference has been added in the past 7 days

Perks for Speakers

Finally, I’m spending extra time each week looking for the “Perks” that each conference offers to speakers (hopefully I’ll be able to automate this eventually). This was another highly requested feature, and it definitely helps if you’re trying to prioritize conferences that will cover travel or hotel costs for you.

Right now the perks I look for are:

  • Travel meaning that the conference will pay for your travel to and from the event.
  • Hotel indicates that the conference offers reimbursement for hotel costs.
  • Stipend is an offer for payment or extra cash to cover miscellaneous expenses while speaking. Not many conferences offer this, so it’s nice when they do!

Because my resources are limited, I only include these perks when they are clearly listed on the conference’s website page for speakers. If I miss something, you can always email me to let me know. Also, I decided not to include whether a free ticket for the event was included because almost every conference includes this by default.

Perks like travel, hotel, and stipend are included in each email

That’s it for this month’s new features. All new subscribers are asked to fill out a feedback form, so if you’d like to see improvements, keep an eye out for that email after you subscribe or contact me ([email protected]) to start a conversation.

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